Appear In Will’s Tour Brochure!

29 Sep 2015

Will wants to know what his songs’ mean to you, and he’ll put your handwritten words into his 2015 Love Revolution Tour brochure!

Do you have a favourite Will Young song? Tell us what your favourite Will Young song means to you, and Will might choose yours to include within his tour brochure.

For the chance to see your hand writing in print, in his official 2015 Tour Brochure, simply follow the guidelines below:

1. Tell us what a song means to you, in no more than 15 words. please make sure you include the title of the song.
2. Submissions need to be hand-written. Please write clearly using blue or black ink.
3. Paper size to be used must be no more than A6 but can be smaller if preferred. (A6 measures: one quarter of an A4 piece of paper, 105 × 148 millimeters or 4.13 × 5.83 inches)
4. Paper can be used landscape or portrait.
5. Paper can be any colour, but should be free of illustrations or decorative motifs. (writing guide lines are allowed)
6. Names of submitters will not be used.
7. Submissions should be received no later than Friday 9th October. Post to: Will Young c/o IE Music Ltd. 111 Frithville Gardens, London W12 7JQ
8. Not all submissions can be used, and for those that are used, there is no recompense for submissions. By submitting your hand written piece you acknowledge that you relinquish any ownership of the copyright in the submission. Unfortunately we won’t be able to return submissions.